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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Who is the Fabricator?

The general definition of a fabricator is a person, firm, or company that makes something by assembling parts or sections. In simple words a "maker"

But why the brand is named Fabricatr!?

Fabricatr!? We made a spelling mistake right? yeah, we did it intentionally since people remember the mistakes easily. hence, remembering our brand name will not be a difficult task for anyone and, we wanted to sound familiar yet convey the message that we deal with products made of fabric. But do not worry our products are made intentionally of excellent value and premium quality.



Introducing Sanan Sakharkar (Founder) and Sabit Sakharkar (Co-Founder) of Fabricatr Brands with a registered office in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India. Both being natives of Ratnagiri, they always loved their hometown. Like every other thing in this universe, nothing is perfect. Ratnagiri is a beautiful place to live but there is one problem they identified and that is there is a lack of job opportunities in their hometown forcing most of the people to leave and settle elsewhere to earn their daily bread and visit only once a while. To solve this problem, they came up with the idea of starting up their own business which may give a boost to the employment opportunities for the natives of Ratnagiri.

"Sanan" is a bachelor's in mechanical engineering, and he is very much passionate about production engineering and working on something which he admires a lot and that is the fashion industry.

While "Sabit" on the other hand is a master's in commerce. he too admires the fashion industry and most importantly he enjoys accounting, sales, and inventory management.


Both Sakharkar brothers possess good leadership and problem-solving qualities hence they decided to combine their knowledge and skills of both engineering and commerce to build an unforgettable brand.

Manufacturing or fabrication of clothing and apparel, building a brand that is premium in quality and affordable to the end consumers.


Our Aim

Right now, we are just starting up in 2022 and our aim is to grow our business throughout India creating more employment opportunities nationwide. We encourage every Indian to support our start-up by buying our genuine Made-in-India products.

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